Writing to Flourish with Jackee Holder

Writing to Flourish with Jackee Holder

Jackee is an Executive and Leadership coach, published author, interfaith minister and creativity expert and works nationally and internationally with teams, groups and individuals. She is the author of ‘Soul Purpose, Be Your Own Best Life Coach & 49 Ways to Write Yourself Well’.⠀

Dive into a monthly writing practice that will help you navigate through the pandemic and out the other side.⠀
• Try writing activities that will help you decompress.⠀
• Practise journaling exercises that will help you find the new normal.⠀
• Bring pen and notebook and let’s get writing; it’s all in the practice

Session 1

There are writing prompts at the end and tips for getting started journaling. We also talk the importance of journaling during the pandemic and whether journaling is on the increase.

Session 2

This month’s session will introduce you to a writing practice that will get you thinking about what makes you thrive. ⠀ What are the things that contribute to your flourishing? ⠀ We will be writing on the call so please bring pen, paper and notebook.

Session 3

In this months Insta Live for Psychologies magazine I share two journaling tips. The first is a warm up that demonstrates that there is always something to write about especially when you believe there is nothing to write about. The second journal exercise is titled Unfinished Business and helps you to journal about a knotty everyday experience. This month recommended journaling book is Creative Journal Writing by Stephanie Dowrick. Want more on journaling head over to the new column Writing To Flourish in this months psychologies magazine and the monthly journaling prompt Paper Therapy on The Words page. Back next month on Monday 5th October at 5pm. Thanks for joining.

Session 4

Writing Is A Form Of Meditation Writing spaces no matter how how short are like a meditation. Thank you to Jeannie Wright for this wonderful quote. In this months Insta Live we talk about why and how writing is like a meditation. How writing is a brilliant way of creating time and space to think. How Morning pages rooted my journal writing practice for over thirty years. How walking is an excellent companion to the writing life. How a silent walk gives you head space. And helps quieten the crowd of voices in your head.

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