Gain Creative Confidence with Juliet Thomas

Gain Creative Confidence with Juliet Thomas

Juliet is the founder of The Curious Creative Club and in these weekly sessions will guide you to release your inner creativity with weekly mini-tasks to enrich your life and boost your well-being.

Session 1

Session 2

Session 3

Session 4

Session 5

Today we are talking about planning time in to reap the benefits of doing something creative, from making a self care creative list to treating it as seriously as you would that session at the gym PLUS a creative task to help keep you motivated

Session 6

This week, session 6 will be focusing on perfectionism and the task will be about producing something in black ink – i.e. that you can’t alter and have to trust yourself to go with your gut instinct first time! It requires a deeper level of focus but is really satisfying!⠀

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